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Massage Options

Various options for your health needs

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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Originating in the Hawaiian Islands, the Lomi Lomi massage is a very relaxing modality. The continuous long strokes connecting through the whole body eases muscles, joints, and the mind...drifting deeply into restful bliss.

Deep Tissue

Working from the superficial to the deep tissue muscles, this modality works at getting to the core of the issues by working through each layer of muscles and the orientation thereof. 


This relaxing and enjoyable experience is for those wanting to have a gentle and therapeutic experience by connecting the mind and body into one. Effleurage and petrissage massages are applied in connected strokes. 

Lymphatic Massage (Russian Sports Massage).jpg
Lymphatic Massage

Also known as Russian Sports Massage. Agitating and draining the lymphatic system helps at alleviating the pain and drain the toxins in the body. This modality can work with the four stages of lymphedema, from early stages to deep pitting. 

Structural & Movement (AKA Rolfing).jpg
Structural & Movement

Also known as Rolfing.
This intense and extremely beneficial modality can realign the body's correct alignment and gate (how one walks). The strokes are very slow and deep and lengthen the fascia and muscles to give better posture.  


Reflexology is a manipulation of the hands and feet that correspond with different organs and organ systems of the body. Reflexology can help with neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. 

Thai Reflexology.jpg
Thai Reflexology

Thai Reflexology pinpoints corresponding organs and organs in the system. This technique is used with a wooden or stone dowel pinpointing precise tension. This can be very intense, yet very relieving. 

Cranial therapy.png
Cranial Sacral Therapy

The decompression of the sagittal sutures, spinal column, and sacrum allows the cerebral spinal fluid to move more freely through the dural tube along the spine. The cranial rhythm of the body can be sensed, It can cause extreme deep relaxation, R.E.M. (rapid eye movement), and myofascial release.


The body has different energy channels. The shiatsu modality helps to free any energy blockage that may have occurred in the body. A gentle and rhythmic approach with stretching is applied with the session. 


Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine that can free up impeding energy. It can open up passageways for energy to move more freely. By increasing/decreasing energy and a semantic emotional response (SER) to help overcome trauma. 

Rock & Block.jpg
Rock & Unlock

A gentle rhythmic movement that can help break up adhesion from scar tissue and fascia. Rocking the body and limbs from side to side. Can be soothing and relaxing. 

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Sports Massage

A wide variety of athletes can receive this type of massage for pre-event, mid-event, or post-event, and can help prevent injury. This modality is a faster pace massage to increase circulation, help the muscles and fascia, and involves passive stretching (therapist applied).

Add on's

Sugar Scrub Foot Massage.jpg
Aromatherapy with CPTG Oils.jpg

Hot and Cold therapy treatments cause vaso dilation and constriction to promote the oxygen-rich blood to circulate and heal the body. Used for pain management. 

$40 to add on. Pay in-person

Organic Sugar Scrub Foot Massage

Using a blend of organic sugar, coconut oil, and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, the sugar foot scrub can exfoliate the skin of the feet and increase circulation and feeling in the feet. 

$40 to add on. Pay in-person

Aromatherapy with CPTG oils

Along with a complimentary aromatherapy diffuser in the spa room, a variety of certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils is usually applied on the skin above the spinal column and soles of the feet, for best absorption. A plethora of CPTG oils can be adjusted to fit one's needs. 

$20 to add on. Pay in-person

Square CBD.png
CBD Oils

Personalized massage oils that blend botanical extracts with CBD and other natural emollients. To help you create a full mind-body experience, harnessing the power of aromatic botanicals and plant-based active ingredients for pain relief (menthol and camphor) with enriching natural emollients.

Pricing may vary. Please inquire for more information

Massage Cupping

Experience profound relaxation with our massage cupping service, seamlessly blending traditional massage and ancient cupping therapy for enhanced circulation and tension relief. Let skilled therapists melt away stress, leaving you with a profound sense of well-being.

$20 to $30 add on

Jon and Chair

Special Events

Help your team feel more relaxed at work! 

For special events or during your company hours, I Knead a Massage will help bring a sign of relaxation and boost morale for your employees. Ask about booking chair massages for your hard-working team! 

Please visit the Contact Page for additional information. 

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